1996 Dobro California Girl Dm-33 Deluxe Resonator Guitar With Lace Sensor

RARE Vintage 30s National Dobro USA 6V6 Tube Guitar Harp Amp Amplifier NICE
RARE Vintage 30s National Dobro USA 6V6 Tube Guitar Harp Amp Amplifier NICE
   US $799.99
 175353903481035310 1996 Dobro California Girl Dm 33 Deluxe Resonator Guitar With Lace Sensor

1996 Dobro Deluxe Model DM-33 California Girl with ebony fretboard, black chrome, pearloid 

headstock, California Girl sandblasting finish on back, mudflap girls on front...

with Lace Sensor pickup, made for acoustic strings!

Cost $2482 in 1996

Made in Huntington Beach California by O.M.I. (Pre-Gibson, of course...)  
Autographed by Johnny Winter, August 2010 when my band opened for him 

at Pabst Theater show in Milwaukee WI...

Deluxe model in black chrome, it absorbs all the darks and colors around it

looks awesome under the lights!

Serial Number...   B8 031 96

Mini Grover tuners! Pearloid, 'mother of toilet seat' headstock...

Some nicks and finish checking (on the neck)... It's been played many hours these last 15 years!

I've worn through some of the chrome, down to the brass... Like any good guitar man 

should... Sounds and plays wonderfully, 

like a big old washing machine with strings attached!

$200 Ultra Slim Acoustic Sensor™ pickup installed!

Lace presents the Ultra Slim Acoustic Sensor™ for resonator and acoustic guitars.

The USA Sensor features an extreme low profile (.275" tall) for all resonator applications.

Featuring Duo-coil design, this full size humbucker is the slimmest pickup available today. Resonator players can now enjoy a more balanced and quiet operating sense without any interference from higher profile pickups. A non-marring adhesive tape keeps the USA sensor in place.

The USA Sensor will fit most resonator guitars on the market today. 

The additional features include a high quality cable with a Switchcraft brand 1/4" female jack. The jack also allows the player to have the USA Sensor permanently installed.   Available: Chrome and Micro-Crinkle Black Powdercoat. 

Ultra-Slim Acoustic Sensor

  • Position:
  • Resistance:
  • Peak Frequency:
  • Inductance:

(Lace website)

Here's a pic of me with onstage, at Lace Music Products site:

This is a real workhorse and has seen a lot of action. 

It's been on the blues circuit and been

 played from New York City to St Louis, Chicago's south side clubs to Beale Street in 

My loss will be your gain...

This is a rugged guitar, built to last in Huntington Beach CA 

by the Original Musical Instruments company (O.M.I.) by the 

brothers, Emil and Rudy Dopyera... John Dopyera invented the National and the Dobro!

I love it, but I'm retiring from the band and I'm selling out all my electric stuff!

45 years and now I'm giving up playing in bands!


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 175353903481035311 1996 Dobro California Girl Dm 33 Deluxe Resonator Guitar With Lace Sensor

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